A Bit About Us

Our business started as a hobby and has grown from there. We try to attend as many local craft shows and  fairs as we can during the year, as we enjoy meeting our customers face to face to get their feedback (which is always good).

For those of you that cannot get to our craft shows please use the contact form for your requirements


Our beautiful pens (and pencils available at craft shows) are lovingly handcrafted and finished in a small workshop in Worcestershire from locally sourced renewable woods and hand cast acrylics from our workshop..

Each of our pens has a unique look due to the colour and grain of each piece of wood used.

Every acrylic is uniquely hand cast and so vary in pattern and colour, no two will be exactly the same.

We endeavor to give the history behind each piece we create as we feel this gives each one its own uniqueness.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from your pen or pencil as we have had in the making of them.


Thank you


John and Jackie